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What Are The Exercises To Lose Belly Fat? 5 Best Exercises!

A healthy body is one of the greatest assets. It is essential to keep a watch on your fat levels and embrace a fitness routine. A planned fitness regime can work wonders for your body and  It can help you to get a toned body.  Belly fats are stubborn and may have strong implications on your health. Many research and studies state that people with high belly fat are more subject to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer. It is imperative to watch out for your fat levels and ensure to reduce fat accumulation.

How To Build A Strong Core?

A mix of cardio exercises, yoga, crunches, and core work can help you to build a strong core and reduce body fat easily. A strong core is a sign of a healthy and energetic body and It will maintain your energy levels and improve your stamina. However, along with strong core and muscle building, toning one must also emphasize burning calories and fats in the body.

What are the exercises to lose belly fat?

Here are some best exercises that can help you to lose your belly fats in just a few weeks:

???? Burpees:

This is one of the most popular exercises for belly fat. The exercise focuses on your core, quads, shoulder, triceps, and lats too. The technique and understanding of posture are very important while doing burpees. It is crucial to remember that wrong posture while doing exercise not only affects your end results but may cause injuries.

How to do Burpee: One must stand with the feet shoulder-distance and send hips backward and guard your upper body in the squat position. After this, hop your feet back whilst allowing your chest to touch the floor. Push your hands in the plank position and lift your body up. Repeat the same ten times.

???? Mountain Climbers:

Give your energy levels a toss with vigorous mountain climbers. Mountain climbers help to build stamina and reduce belly fat. It reduces fat accumulation in your other body muscles and gives quick results.

How to do mountain climbers: For mountain climbers, one must go in a high plank position. The wrist must always be under the shoulder area. Now tighten your core and bring your right knee towards the chest and then again in the plank position. Repeat the same with your left knee. Continue mountain climbers in alternate positions 20 times.

???? Russian Twist:

Give your body a twist and run and lower the fat levels near your belly area with Russian Twist. The simple yet effective exercise improves your oblique strength incredibly.

How to Russian Twist: A Russian twist is usually performed using a ball, plate, or bottle. One needs to rotate the object from left to right in a sit-up position. A rotating torso will squeeze your oblique muscles and shift the tension.  However, it is important that the movement should come from your rib area and not the arm. For a better position keep the object at your chest height.

???? Walking:

A regular walk can help you to keep your entire body in good health. It helps you to shed your belly fat and improve your metabolism rate too. Brisk walking around 45-60 minutes daily can enable you to destress yourself and breathe in the fresh air too. Make walking and jogging your daily routine to get rid of the fats accumulated in your abdominal muscles. A study says that one hour of walking every day can lead to one pound of fat loss in a week.

???? Yoga:

The power of Yoga is known to the world. It is one of the traditional exercise techniques that can deliver consistent results. The various yoga postures work on different areas of your body resulting in inch loss as well as fat loss.  Yoga can enhance your endurance, maximize your metabolism rate and help to meet workout goals. Some of the high-intensity Yoga poses that can significantly reduce belly fat include Chair pose, Chaturanga, bridge pose, and plank.


Belly fats are stiff and It requires lots of effort and consistent exercise to get rid of them. Exercising regularly is one of the best ways to improve your health condition and lose belly fat. Always keep your health intact by following a healthy lifestyle.

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