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How Do You Treat Sinus Infection In Children

How Do You Treat Sinus Infection In Children?

Sinuses refer to the air spaces around the nose, which play an instrumental role in maintaining a stabilized respiratory system. When these sinuses swell up or become infected, it is known as a sinus infection.

How Do You Treat Sinus Infection In Children?

These air spaces are lined with a mucus membrane, but with the presence of external stimuli, the amount of mucus produced get become excessive, which will result in an inability of the sinuses to drain and thus lead to an accumulation of germs in the area. Some common symptoms include fever and a runny nose.

Congestion, ear pain, and a recurring cough are additional symptoms of a sinus infection. If coupled with other infections such as pneumonia, the pain and discomfort worsen. So, how exactly do you treat this sinus infection when your child is afflicted by it? Read on to find out.

How Do You Treat Sinus Infection In Children?

????Warm showers-

As mentioned before, the main cause of a sinus infection is an increase in the mucus lining on the passageways. Warm water is a great treatment for this phenomenon since it helps in moistening these mucus linings and thus any lumps present in them are dissolved and passed out of the system. Taking a warm shower is of great help in order to relieve the congestion resulting from a sinus infection, and is a great alternative to placing a child’s face over some warm water, which can prove to be quite dangerous for young kids.

????Nasal strips-

Nasal strips are a type of adhesive strip that is applied over the nose in order to make the breathing process easier. By sticking them onto the bridge of the nose, it helps in clearing the air passages and thus clear any sinus infection. While removing the nasal strips while sleeping may be necessary for younger kids, older children may be allowed to leave them on even overnight. It too is a great way to relieve sinus-related congestion in the respiratory system and thereby promote unrestricted breathing.

????Saline spray bottles-

Squirting saline water into the nasal region is an effective way to treat sinus infections and improve the condition of the air passageways. There are various brands in the market that offer superior quality saline spray bottles, but you can also do the trick by making in at home. By combining three tablespoons of non-iodide salt, one tablespoon of baking soda, and a cup of sterilized water cooled to room temperature, you can brew your own saline water and use it to diminish the sense of congestion that results from sinus infections.

????Essential oils-

Although the scientific backing for the link between essential oils and the benefits of sinus infections is minimum, there have been numerous cases of children being able to relieve themselves from congestion with the help of eucalyptus oil. Pour a few drops of helpful essential oils on a cotton ball and inhale it for a while in order to derive its benefits.

????Avoid reaching for decongestant drugs and antibiotics-

Experts say that reaching for antibiotics immediately is a common mistake made by many parents since most antibiotics cannot treat the viral infections caused in the sinus. This is why doctors too are quite cautious while prescribing antibiotics, especially due to their long-term effects on the body. Rather, they must wait long enough for the immune system to do its work. Research also shows that commercial decongestant drugs do very little to help relieve the symptoms of sinus infection. Researchers even say that the scientific backing for these drugs is negligible and hence must be administered to older children only, after carefully weighing out their side effects.

Sinus infections among children can lead to immense stress and discomfort, but with the help of the above-mentioned treatment options, the symptoms of this infection can be alleviated to a large extent. In fact, these options prove to be a lot more helpful when compared to drugs and antibiotics, which must be made use of after careful consideration. Sinus infections can get quite severe, in which case you must consult your doctor for immediate medical intervention. Over the long-term, making changes in the diet and lifestyle of the child can also help in improving the immune response and thus decrease the drip of sinus infections in their body.

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