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How To Treat Red Eyes At Home? Causes & Remedies Explained

How To Treat Red Eyes At Home? Causes & Remedies Explained

Bloodshot eyes commonly called red eyes to occur when the blood vessels on the surface of the eyes become congested and enlarged with blood. Red eyes alone are never a problem and it is a common occurrence.

Causes & Remedies Of Red Eye

But if red eyes are accompanied by other conditions like eye pain, dryness, impaired vision, then this can indicate a serious problem.

How To Treat Red Eyes At Home? Causes & Remedies Explained

What Causes Red Eyes?

 There are many causes of red eyes, ranging from external irritants to eye infections. External irritants like dust, pollen, pollution, etc. cause the eyes to become inflamed and red. Injury to the eyes, colds, coughs, and bacterial infections also cause the eyes to turn red.

Vigorous rubbing of the eyes also causes eye redness and sometimes they are symptoms of more serious health issues. Simple things like overusing gadgets for long hours or overusing your contact lenses can also cause eye redness. Smoking will definitely exacerbate any eye redness you have and make your eyes dry faster.

How To Treat Them At Home?

Red eyes that aren’t accompanied by any pain is often not serious and can be treated at home. It can also be prevented. If you want to treat your bloodshot eyes at the home place a cool compress over the eyes, by soaking a clean cotton pad or a clean cloth in water after squeezing out the excess water. Do this regularly to achieve the best result and bring relief to your eyes.

How To Treat Them At Home?

You can also make a warm compress out of clean washcloths or cotton pads and place them on your eyes.

Avoid eye makeup. Use makeup that is hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic makeup is easily available in the market.

If you are red eyes are due to an allergy then apply antihistamine eye drops that you can purchase from the pharmacy.

To soothe your eyes you can use slice 2 slices of cucumbers and place them on your eyelids. This immediately decreases red eyes and relieves any pain if present

You can also use used tea bags. Instead of throwing the tea bags after use, you can place them on your eyelids and they will instantly cool your eyes, relieve any burning sensation and reduce the redness in your eyes.

Sometimes the causes of red eyes are easy to identify like staring at your laptop or screens for a very long time. This can be prevented by taking breaks frequently and blinking your eyes vigorously after looking away from the screen. This not only prevents red eyes but is also quite effective in keeping your eyes moisturized. Blinking spreads moisture evenly to the surface of the eye.

Overexposure to the sun causes the eyes to turn red. Your eyes also start to sting. Thankfully, we can treat this easily enough. All you need to do when stepping out next time is to wear sunglasses, wash your eyes with cold water upon reaching home, and if irritation persists then you can apply slices of cucumbers on your eyelids.

Staying hydrated is very important. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to reduce the dryness of the eyes.

Always keep your eyes clean by washing them in water whenever you wash your face.

Cleaning the eyelid margins near the base of the eye is also necessary using a gentle cleanser and then pat dry.

So, it can be concluded that red eyes alone are not a cause for concern especially if there is no pain. There are many factors involved in causing red eyes. Often it is due to external irritants like dust, pollen, and dander. Sometimes it is due to allergies and infections as well. If it is due to allergies then buying antihistamine eye drops and applying them to your eyes will do the trick.

Sometimes they are caused by your own behavior like rubbing your eyes too vigorously, using too much eye makeup or overusing your contact lenses. By avoiding doing these things red eyes can be prevented. Many home remedies like a cold press or a warm press work well for red eyes.

Applying cucumber slices or used tea bags also helps in soothing the eyes and reducing the redness. If red eyes persist even after home remedies and you are unable to identify the cause then it would be best to consult your doctor. If red eyes are accompanied by pain and impaired vision it could often be an indication of an underlying health condition and visiting your doctor would be prudent.

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