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How To Treat Hormonal Imbalance?

How To Treat Hormonal Imbalance?

Traveling through your bloodstream right now, are the powerful chemicals that act as messengers and perform some of the most crucial functions within your body. If you thought of hormones, then your guess is right. Originating from the various endocrine glands within your body, hormones are stimulated in order to control major processes such as your metabolism, reproductive cycle, et cetera.

What Are The Different Type Of Treatments For Hormonal Imbalance?

Their effect is typically felt during the adolescent period, commonly referred to as the time when the hormones are raging throughout your body. For the proper functioning of the body, there is a need for a balance in the activity and production of these hormones, which means that even a slight upheaval can send your bodily functions into a frenzy.

Treat Hormonal Imbalance

Such a disruption within your system is commonly known as hormonal imbalance, which can be caused by a myriad of factors. That being said, there are also numerous treatment options available in order to correct this imbalance, so here is a look at a few of them. 

  1. Hormonal birth control options- 

For those who are not looking to conceive, hormonal birth control is an effective way of correcting the disruptions in your menstrual cycle and curbing its related symptoms. The options available in this type of treatment include birth control pills, patches, shots, uterine devices, and vaginal rings. Those who experience acne and extra body hair as a result of hormonal imbalance can experience relief from them with the usage of hormonal birth control. 

  1. Estrogen therapy- 

Also known as hormone replacement therapy, this is commonly used to curb or alleviate the negative symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flashes and sweating at night. Be sure to discuss the pros and cons of this type of treatment with your doctor before making use of it. 

  1. Anti-androgen medicines- 

The male sex hormones androgens are commonly found within both sexes, but sometimes, women with high levels of this hormone may experience various irregularities in bodily functions and its consequent side effects. Women can make use of medicines to hinder the effects of these androgens on their body, and in turn alleviate symptoms such as acne, hair loss, and the unnatural growth of hair on their faces. 

  1. Testosterone therapy- 

Some men may experience low levels of testosterone in their bodies, which often leads to a delayed onset of puberty among young males. The usage of testosterone therapy can lead to quicken the onset of puberty in such cases and helps in the subsequent normalization of the level of testosterone. This type of therapy can be availed in various forms such as through patches, gels, and injections. 

  1. Vaginal estrogen- 

Dryness in the vaginal region is commonly experienced by women, and this can easily be treated with the help of estrogen that is available in many forms solely for this purpose. Make use of local treatment therapy in order to lower the risk of estrogen traveling into the bloodstream to its associated organ. Vaginal estrogen can be made use of rings, creams, or tablets. 

  1. Natural remedies- 

Some cases of hormonal imbalance can also be traced back to the kind of lifestyle choices that the person makes. While medical treatment options exist, the extent of hormonal imbalance can be lessened with the help of some natural changes such as shedding some of those extra pounds, making use of lubes or moisturizers in order to decrease the level of discomfort in your vagina, consuming a balanced and healthy diet that fulfills your nutritional needs and steers clear of processed foods with a whole lot of unwanted chemicals in them. Finding triggers for hot flashes and removing them as well as using hair removal procedures can help curb the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. 

The fact of the matter is that hormonal imbalance is quite a common condition that affects a large percentage of the population. While it leads to the disruption of normal functions of the body, it is nothing to be afraid of. Hormonal imbalance can be easily treated using the plethora of treatment options available out there. Consult your doctor in order to take into account your health before zeroing in on a particular treatment option, and complement it with healthier life choices that help you relieve yourself of some of the most disruptive symptoms of hormonal imbalance. 

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