Anger Room

"Nothing You Expect, Everything You Deserve"

The List

We are under going construction, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still get your spot locked in!

When we reopen our doors in the next few weeks there will be lines of people waiting to get in, why not skip the line and be treated like the VIP that your are!
Getting on this list comes with its perks and we will list them all for you, so when you make your decision you’ll know exactly why and see what being on the list gets ya;)

List Perks Includes:

~2 week advanced notice on the official opening date ~Exclusive Invitation Only admittance for the Official Anger Room™ Media Preview ~Priority scheduling (reserve your spot before any walk-ins & get 1st dibs on your preferred date/time) ~Free Anger Room™ Gift or DVD of your session (limit one per active guest) ~AR Loyalty card with 15 SpotOn loyalty points on your 1st Visit No waiting in line & No hassles just Fun!

To put yourself on the List, just click on the link below: *There is a $10 fee required to be on the list, however, this charge will be credited towards your upcoming session*




Gift Certificate