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Stealth Hawk Pro Reviews

Stealth Hawk Pro Reviews – A Compatible High-quality Video Drone With Gravity Sensor!

Hello, readers are you searching for genuine Stealth Hawk Pro reviews, then don’t want to search more here it is. Flying Helicopters are everyone’s favorite, be it a child or an adult. There is a different adventurous and thrilling feeling when one watches the helicopter going up in the air and the owner is the one controlling it. And if it works as a drone camera then it is a good feeling. Drone cameras are very pricey. It is not always possible to have them always.

When a helicopter from that high position works as a drone camera, it is more preferred. One can control the positions and take videos or photographs from that point.

Stealth Hawk Pro Reviews – How Does This Portable Lightweight Drone Work?

Stealth Hawk Pro has brought this concept alive. It has produced a unique helicopter drone that can be controlled easily and is much affordable. Stealth Hawk Pro reviews are positive and it will be discussed more in this article.

Stealth Hawk Pro Reviews
Product NameStealth Hawk Pro
Main BenefitHelps to take HD pictures and videos
Unique FeaturesCompact and Portable
Charging Mode Using USB
Battery Capacity15 minutes battery backup
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Stealth Hawk Pro?

Stealth Hawk Pro is a helicopter drone device that functions effortlessly. It is an excellent combination of a toy helicopter and a spy drone. One can use a remote controller and fly the small helicopter at any place.

Once it starts flying in the air one can use it to take pictures and videos. One has to position it in the desired place and focus on the image or video using an application from the mobile phone. Then one needs to start clicking. The videos that will be taken will be of high resolution.

The toy helicopter serves as a surveillance drone too. It can fly in the air around the house to keep a record of the house and check for strangers peeping inside. The device is affordable and very helpful on daily days.

Product specifications:

  • Size of the helicopter: 230 mm x 80 mm
  • R/C distance of 120 meters
  • The lithium-ion battery of 3-7 V 600 mAH
  • Gravity sensors

Main Features of Stealth Hawk Pro Helicopter

Given below are the features of this helicopter drone.

  • Equivalent to a military drone: As everyone knows a military drone is used for surveillance, the Stealth Hawk Pro also does some similar work as a military drone. The device is very small and easy to surveillance from the air. One can see live videos. It has got a very steady speed. Stealth Hawk Pro can fly up to 120 m from a high height.
  • High-quality video and images: Stealth Hawk Pro is built with a camera that has a 4K Wi-Fi connection embedded. Hence, one will receive high-quality live footage, videos, and photos. It is very easy to handle too. Operating the device is absolutely hassle-free.
  • Good battery backup: Stealth Hawk Pro has 15 minutes battery backup in flight mode which is quite a good service for basic drones. It can fly for 15 minutes in the air straight and take videos and photos for surveillance. One recharges the battery and uses it again at any time.
  • Cool design: This toy helicopter has a unique design with a drone camera fitted to it. The helicopter drone design is smart and enhances the look of the whole device. The blades are real and propel up in the air.

How does Stealth Hawk Pro work?

Stealth Hawk Pro is a battery-operated helicopter drone. It is easy to function. First, insert the battery into the device so that it is ready to fly. The toy helicopter drone comes with a remote controller which is used to fly, take off, shoot videos, and click photos from the device. One can read the manual which guides how to use the device. Stealth Hawk Pro comes with in-built sensors that prevent crashing objects, buildings, etc. when it is flying in the air.

The controller makes it more comfortable for the user to fly it. From children to adults, anyone can handle this device. It has got auto-return and auto-land functions which makes it more comfortable to handle. All that is needed is to switch on the button and the helicopter will operate by itself. The auto-return button is used if one loses sight of the drone. The battery lasts up to 15 minutes.

Stealth Hawk Pro

Benefits of Stealth Hawk Pro

Given below are the features of this helicopter drone.

  • Easy to use: Stealth Hawk Pro can function very easily. It is almost similar to a toy helicopter. It comes with a remote controller which is very easy to operate. Any person will be able to operate it. People who have no experience in flying drones can fly it too. It has got auto-return and auto-land functions which makes it more comfortable to handle. Just by pressing a button, one can bring the helicopter back. This also reduces the fear of losing the device.
  • Sturdy device: The device is very sturdy in nature. It flies very steadily even in strong winds. If the weather condition is bad, one can still fly the helicopter and expect proper images and videos from the helicopter. It will function in rain, in temperatures ranging from 14 degrees F to 113 degrees F. Therefore, Stealth Hawk pro review remains positive always.
  • Compact and Portable: The Stealth Hawk Pro is a very lightweight and compact device. It is easy to use and can function without the blades too. This makes it more portable. One can carry it anywhere in the bag.

Pros and Cons of Stealth Hawk Pro

Pros: Stealth Hawk Pro is an amazing device if one wants proper surveillance at an affordable rate and unique way. It is designed wisely with more pros for its users. Let us see what the pros of this device are.

  • The helicopter is lightweight, compact, and minimal.
  • It is a portable drone and can be carried anywhere at any time.
  • It is sturdy and flexible at the same time.
  • The helicopter is built with high-quality materials
  • The price is affordable.
  • The flight speed is incredible.
  • It is the perfect choice for wide-angle shoots
  • Commendable flight speed.
  • Battery life is great as per basic drones.

Cons: Every device has its own setback. In this case, the setbacks are less and not much significant. Let us check the cons of the product.

  • Stealth Hawk Pro is not available in stores. It has to be purchased from the official website online. Remember, the product availability is limited as it is high in demand.
  • Like other similar basic drones, it flies for 15 minutes. One cannot use it for longer without recharging it.

Is Stealth Hawk Pro legit or not?

Yes, Stealth Hawk Pro reviews clearly state that it is a legit product. The product looks like a toy helicopter but is actually a full-fledged drone. Although it is a helicopter drone, it has all the features of a basic drone. It flies in the same manner and speed.

Like a military drone, it has surveillance capabilities too. The camera is 4K quality and shoots clear videos and photos. It can fly at any location and capture live footage from a great height. One can connect it with Wi-Fi too. It is of great use to many people.

Stealth Hawk Pro Customer reviews and complaints

Stealth Hawk Pro customer reviews are quite positive to date with zero complaints. One can check reviews online and see how much people love the device. According to customers, the device is easy to use and captures photos and videos very easily. There have been no such complaints to date.

Stealth Hawk Pro Customer Reviews

Stealth Hawk Pro Pricing and Availability

The Stealth Hawk Pro is available on the official website. The pricing category is given below.

  • The price of 1 Stealth Hawk Pro is $298. They offer a 50% discount often. You can get it at $149.

Other special offers include:

  • The price of 2 Stealth Hawk Pro ($124.5/each) Total: $249
  • The price of 3 Stealth Hawk Pro ($99/each) Total: $297
  • The price of 4 Stealth Hawk Pro ($99.7/each) Total: $399. This is a huge discount of 70%.

The warranty of the product is for 1 year. With $9 extra, extended protection for the device is included too. The extended period is up to 3 years.

Final Verdict on Stealth Hawk Pro Reviews 

Overall Stealth Hawk Pro is a great product with huge benefits. It is portable and gives quality results. Any person can afford it easily and avail lots of discounts from the official website. The helicopter drone has easy functions, good mechanism, and high speed, and auto-landing, auto-return options. It is value for money. One can check Stealth Hawk Pro reviews before booking the first helicopter drone.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is this product a toy or is it a drone?

The product looks like a toy helicopter but is actually a full-fledged drone.

  • Is the camera of this device good enough to take pictures?

The drone comes with a 4K resolution camera for high-quality images and videos

  • How can this device be controlled? Can novices use this device?

Stealth Hawk Pro can be controlled easily using the remote controller that comes with the device. Yes, any person including a novice can handle it.

  • What if the helicopter drone crashes against a tree or building?

Stealth Hawk Pro is built with sensors. Thus, it will not collide with any tree or building.

  • How far can this drone fly and for how long?

This helicopter drone can fly for up to 120 meters for 15 minutes straight.

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