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Starting A Ketogenic Diet

Starting A Ketogenic Diet- Everything You Need To Know

The ketogenic diet, also known as the keto diet, is a type of diet schedule where you reduce your carbohydrates intake drastically and replace it with high protein and fat content. Your body works by burning the carbohydrates and glucose in your blood.

Starting A Ketogenic Diet For Beginners

Ketogenic diet aka keto diet focuses on burning your proteins and excessive body fats accumulated in the body, thus resulting in a rapid and very effective weight loss. When your body runs short of carbohydrates and glucose, it will start burning the body fats accumulated. This process is known as Ketosis. When your body reaches this stage, your excess body fat starts going down within no time.

Starting A Ketogenic Diet For Beginners

However, the keto diet is only a temporary weight loss solution and the long-term applicability of the keto diet is a matter of concern due to the health risks it possesses.  The ketogenic diet has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and the way things are going all around the globe, the popularity of the keto diet is not going to slow down anytime soon. But according to some health experts, the rapid weight loss and dieting schedules of keto diets aren’t very healthy. You should also keep this in mind because as per the old saying, “Every coin has two sides.”

Keto Diet In Detail

Obesity has been a leading cause behind all sorts of lifestyle diseases like blood sugar (diabetes), blood pressure, cholesterol, etc in this contemporary world. All these lifestyle diseases in the long term can trouble your heart resulting in fatal conditions like heart attacks and cardiac arrests. You can succumb to obesity regardless of your age, gender, race, etc. There are millions of children who suffer from obesity in this modern era. In older days obesity and other lifestyle diseases in children were considered to be a bizarre scenario. But things have changed. Even diabetes, especially Type 2 Diabetes, has become quite common among children and younger adults.

The ketogenic diet focuses on curing obesity by increasing your protein and fat content intake and reducing your carbohydrates intake to a much smaller amount, thus resulting in effective efficient, and quick weight loss. But, it is always necessary to talk with your doctor if you are having diabetes or other kinds of chronic lifestyle diseases.

People with certain heart conditions have to avoid such intensive dieting schedules and workout sessions. Instead, they should focus on doing light to moderate exercises to thirty minutes and one hour and they should follow a proper, complete and basic dieting schedule. Some studies have shown the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet in managing conditions like epilepsy, body acne, and certain neuro conditions. However, these findings still lack full backup from the authority.

As the keto diet focuses on burning your protein and fat content instead of carbohydrates and glucose, the effectiveness of the keto diet can be witnessed within a period of three to six months. Other dieting programs which focus on burning the carbohydrates and glycogen in your body take much higher time compared to the quick effectiveness of ketogenic dieting programs.

Keto diet has been also known to induce contentment inside you. That is, your appetite becomes much more reduced, even small amounts of foods and short meals may be able to satisfy your hunger and stomach. Ketogenic diet programs are also known to reduce the storage of blood sugar (Glycogen), as the stored glucose gets converted into energy within no time. The less sugar content stays in your body cells, as less amount insulin your body produces. This will prevent your body from getting certain types of cancers, as per some studies and research.

The ketogenic diet also increases the amount of Good Cholesterol (HDL) and reduces the amount of Bad Cholesterol (LDL). This will reduce the risk of getting heart-related conditions to a drastic level. Low carbohydrates levels from the keto diet also have other health benefits like reduced chances of pimples and acne formations. Body acne is a chronic condition and needs a much longer time of medical intervention to treat. Acne often results from the excessive amount of sugar and carbohydrates in your food. Changing to a keto diet will lower the chances of getting body acne and pimples.


The modern world has become a hub of all sorts of lifestyle diseases. The list goes with diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and the list goes and goes and on. The Keto diet is known to reduce your excess body fats that are your obesity. An absence of obesity alone will prevent you from falling victim to these lifestyle diseases. An absence of these diseases will promote the health of your heart and your overall body health up to a great extent. However, before getting into these kinds of diet programs, discussing them with your family physician and dietitian is highly recommended.

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