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RangeXTD Reviews

RangeXTD Reviews – Is This Portable WiFi Booster Useful?

RangeXTD is a WiFi booster that works to re-establish the signals from your router and provide a smoother and faster internet connection. Unlike the regular routers that require technical knowledge, RangeXTD comes with a simple and easy-to-understand instruction manual that assists you in quickly setting up the device. SCTrendy is said to be the manufacturer. It comes in the shape of a regular mobile charger and you can plug it into your wall socket without having to connect those long wires and refresh your internet constantly. You can connect it with any router and you are likely to be provided with an internet boost immediately. Read further into this RangeXTD review to know how it works and enjoy its high-speed internet. 

RangeXTD Reviews- An Ultimate WiFi Solution!

In this RangeXTD review, I will be talking about its various aspects such as working style, pros, and cons, etc. along with a few of the RangeXTD customer reviews to help you decide better on this wifi booster.

RangeXTD Reviews
Product NameRangeXTD
CategoryWiFi booster
Main benefitsIt provides unlimited wifi irrespective of place and time.
Speed2.4GHz of speed up to 300Mbps
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is RangeXTD?

RangeXTD claims to improve your wifi speed and widen its range no matter where you are. SCTrendy is said to be the manufacturer. 

RangeXTD comes in the shape of a regular mobile charger and you can plug it into your wall socket without having to connect those long wires and refresh your internet constantly. It consists of 2 powerful built-in antennas that are Dual LAN ports and can be used with any device. 

You can connect it with any router and you are likely to be provided with an internet boost immediately. RangeXTD requires no updating of internet plans or modem repairs. It is said to fix even the poorest of networks just through a one-time purchase. 

How to use RangeXTD?

RangeXTD is a very simple and easy-to-use device. All you need to do is plug it into a working socket and within a matter of seconds, your electronic gadgets would be working on high-speed internet. 

Although you can use it from anywhere, ensure that RangeXTD is positioned between the wireless range of your router and computer.

For the detailed setup, you can refer to the instruction manual that will be provided when you buy the device. Or if you want to know the procedure before purchase, you can check out the official website, which is in the form of PDF files. 

How does RangeXTD work? 

RangeXTD works by processing the already available signals at your home or your surroundings, amplifying and increasing its speed, and widening the network connection providing you with faster internet services.

RangeXTD uses the plug-and-play function and provides a wireless connection. Therefore you can easily avail high-speed internet by plugging it into a socket wherever you are. 

It is said to provide 2.4GHz of speed up to 300Mbps thereby removing the poor connections and providing the best network performance. Even in the most dead signal areas such as the basement or garden, it ensures stable wifi and you needn’t keep moving in search of a network or reposition your modem repeatedly. 

Their manufacturing company confirms that you no longer need to deal with a poor network once you start using RangeXTD. Also, you do not need to fear your activity being monitored. The product comes with a WPS service for WPS modems. Thus, your sessions and projects are safe and can only be accessed by you. 

Each place is said to have its variation in wifi speeds. Most of the time you can see that the signals are the slowest in crowded neighborhoods or areas with too many office towers. 

The router finds it difficult to connect to the internet with so many devices which therefore results in a dead network. 

It also happens when certain rooms or areas of your house have poor network services. But RangeXTD provides equal and strong wifi connection to as many devices at the same time and eliminates dead zones easily. This is done with the help of its 3 different modes-

  • Wireless Router Mode: It provides the same benefits as a single router which involves VPN, remote control, parental access, and website blocking. You only need to connect RangeXTD to your modem and it will function as the regular wireless router. It can be used either by one person or can have multiple users. 
  • Wireless Access Point Mode: It allows unlimited device connections without compromising the internet range and speed. It initially connects to a wired network after which it converts internet access to wireless mode. Wireless Access Point is suitable in places where wired network service is available such as offices, homes, etc. 
  • Wireless Repeater Mode: It connects to the original router’s signal, amplifies, and provides a widespread wifi connection. It is suitable for wide spaces that have dead signal points

RangeXTD benefits

Here are the various benefits that you can attain with the help of RangeXTD:

  • It is highly portable. 
  • It is easy to use and doesn’t require technical knowledge. 
  • The inbuilt antennas ensure the maintenance of speedy connection by constantly picking up signals and amplifying them. 
  • The dual LAN ports along with WPA/WPA2 services provide complete security to your devices. 
  • It does not limit the number of device connections. 
  • It provides unlimited wifi irrespective of place and time.
  • It saves time, effort, and money. 

Pros and Cons of RangeXTD

As you can see from the previous section, RangeXTD has various benefits. But just like there are two sides to a coin, here are its pros and cons so that you can make the right decision on RangeXTD-


  • A speedy network of up to 300Mbps. 
  • Boosts and expands the range of your current router. 
  • Easy setup and handling. 
  • Effective one-time solution. 
  • Doesn’t require monthly plan updates. 


  • Incorrect setup ie; if the device is not placed in between the wireless router range, it might result in a poor network. 

RangeXTD Customer reviews

RangeXTD customer reviews are found to be mostly positive. Here are a few of the customer experiences that I collected from the official website as well as other sources-

“Working from home, I needed stable WiFi and my work was getting delayed as the area where I live has a poor network. But RangeXTD solved it pretty quick. I checked the connections from various parts of my house and surprisingly it does work! My projects are now finished on time and work has never been this enjoyable, thanks to RangeXTD!” – James, Texas. 

“Ever since online classes started, I had to update my monthly data plan to costlier packages. My three kids had classes at the same time and the poor connections made it difficult for them to attend. Luckily, I came across RangeXTD, and within 5 mins of using this device, everyone in the house had equal access to faster internet services.”  – Chloe, CA. 

“I can’t believe I missed out on this RangeXTDfor so long. It was a real hassle for me to reposition my WiFi boosters every 10 minutes and I had to go outside to at least check my messages! I had no hope that RangeXTD would work out as all the past routers that I used were a waste of time and money. But thank god this one worked well! The design is very sleek. I can carry it around and use it anywhere. Highly recommended!” – Robert, NY.

RangeXTD Price and where to purchase? 

You may purchase this one-stop solution to your network issues right from RangeXTD’s official website. 

At first, when you visit the checkout page, you will be provided with options on the type of plug that you require depending upon your country. It ranges from the US, EU, AU, and the UK. 

Regarding pricing, either you can refer to the RangeXTD prices listed below or you can directly check out the same at their official website. There are 4 pricing packages. Note that before you select your package, you will be offered a $10 discount which you can use either with the current purchase or the next time you buy. 

  • 1 RangeXTD WiFi Booster with the plug at $49.95. 
  • 2 RangeXTD WiFi Boosters with the plug at $99.90.
  • 3 RangeXTD WiFi Boosters with the plug at $112.39. 
  • 4 RangeXTD WiFi Boosters with the plug at $149.85. 

Shipping charges are said to be $16.95. Payments are available in the form of VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, AMEX, etc. you can choose at your convenience. The checkout page also shows you a few of the latest customer experiences where most people were able to achieve a reliable and stable network connection. 

You need not worry about being dissatisfied and losing money on RangeXTD. The company promises a 30-day money-back guarantee with a complete refund. Please make sure to go through their return and refund policy before making a final purchase. 

RangeXTD review – Final Verdict

Since work and studies have been shifted to the online mode due to the global pandemic, a stable internet connection has become extremely important to make through these tough times. 

Shopping and food delivery services have also switched to online forms. Survey shows that last year google saw its highest number of active users which proves how dependent we have become on network services. 

With the help of RangeXTD, you no longer need to sit right next to your modem to prevent buffering and can enjoy high-speed internet anytime from your house. As said in the RangeXTD review,  RangeXTD portability service is a massive advantage as you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies or get your work done immediately from wherever you are. 

The 2 powerful antennas convert even the poorest signals to a smooth network helping you to get rid of the irritating slow signals. Numerous customers from around the world claim to have satisfactory results by using RangeXTD. Their official website offers you an instruction manual section that explains in detail how you can use this product. 

RangeXTD is stated to be the simplest solution to wifi problems. You no longer need to change your monthly plans or replace your routers over and over again. The one-time expenditure comes with exciting deals thereby providing you with the best money value. 

If you are looking to have a quick idea of RangeXTD, here are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that may be of help to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the maximum speed to be expected? 

RangeXTD collects the available network signals through its antennas, amplifies, and provides Wifi with a maximum speed of 300Mbps. Depending upon your existing router and your surroundings, you may achieve more than 300 Mbps. 

Does it provide security? 

Yes, RangeXTD provides complete security to the devices you use as well as the router with the help of its WPA and WPA2 ports. 

Can I use it from any place? 

Yes, you can use it from anywhere anytime. RangeXTD is a 100% portable product. While fitting the device, ensure that you place it closer to or midway of the router’s wireless range. 

How many devices can be connected at the same time?

There is no limit to the number of devices that you can connect to this Wifi booster. All the members of your house can easily avail the same high-speed internet no matter which part of the house you are in. 

Can I relocate RangeXTD after installation? 

Yes, you can change the location of this wireless router and do not require it to be connected to one outlet all the time. You can access your internet services without any interruptions no matter where you place them. 

Is it possible to use multiple RangeXTDs?

Using multiple RangeXTD devices will increase the signal strength and stabilize the connection even further. But establishing a linear series of this device is not recommended by the company. 

Will it work with older devices? 

Of course, you can use it with any of your old electronic gadgets irrespective of the model. RangeXTD is said to work with any device that can connect to Wifi.

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