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Can Nasal Spray Helps To Avoid Dry Eyes? Things To Consider!

Your eyes need constant lubrication and moisturizing. Tears carry the responsibility of keeping the eyes wet and moisturized. Tears are made up of antioxidants that prevent any chances of infection, some kinds of oils, water, and some amount of mucus. Certain glands around your eye produce tears. Dry Eye is a condition where your eyes don’t produce enough tears to moisturize your eye. Symptoms of dry eyes include irritation, itching, redness, light sensitivity, vision blurriness, watery eyes, etc.

Effectiveness Of Nasal Spray For Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eyes evoke a condition called Reflux Tearing, where your eyes are filled with too many tears. Because of your dry eye condition, your eyes send signals to your body and this results in your body sending a lot of tears to cope up with this situation, thus resulting in watery eyes known as Reflux Tears. The causes of Dry Eyes include allergies, auto-immune disorders, old age, drug abuse, etc.

 Dry Eye Syndrome

Nasal sprays for Dry Eyes sound quite bizarre. But recently the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approved the use of certain nasal sprays for Dry Eye conditions. When used two to three times a day, nasal sprays are found to be very effective against Dry Eye conditions. A drug found in some of the nasal sprays called Varenicline is known to be very effective for the treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome. As per some studies, even people who have not got any relief for Dry Eyes from artificial tears, have gotten relief from Varenicline.

Dry Eye conditions are a bit hard to treat because of their unknown causes. Varenicline is found to be very effective for the treatment of mild to moderate Dry Eye conditions. The first-ever nasal spray approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration was a brand named Tyrvaya and the contempt was Varenicline that was mentioned above. This nasal spray was proved to aid relief from Dry Eyes within a couple of weeks compared to the three or four-month needed to artificial tear eye drops.

The assigned job of nasal sprays is to aid relief from sinus pressure. But according to the new findings, nasal sprays are also very effective in hydrating and moisturizing the eyes and thereby preventing Dry Eye Syndrome. Nasal sprays trigger the nerve that connects the eye to the teardrop gland to moisturize the eyes often and then. For those people who are fed-up and exhausted with their existing medication and treatment plans, Nasal Sprays are a much effective remedy. Nasal sprays are also found to be very effective against light sensitivity, eye allergies, eye blurriness, eye fatigue, etc. At the same time, some scholars advocate that the effectiveness of nasal sprays cannot be assessed this toon. Only time can tell the effectiveness of nasal sprays.

Dry Eye conditions are found in most of the outpatients visiting the Eye Hospitals, in the United States. Some experts also conveyed their concern, whether an increase in the tear flow and moisturization will be able to sort out the Dry Eyes conditions. The complete detailed mechanism of how nasal spray works in treating dry eyes is still not fully understood. Only after studying the complete mechanizing process of nasal sprays in curing Dry Eyes, the final verdict can be stated, some experts in this field say. 

Clinical trials that have been carried out in almost a thousand patients have been very overwhelming and positive. It shows increased tears and moisturizers after three to four weeks of usage of nasal sprays in the effective treatment of Dry Eyes. Also, the side effects that patients showed up during this treatment procedure were minimal to negligible. Side effects included coughing, itching, throat irritation, and headaches. No serious adverse effects have been shown so far. 


The discovery of nasal drops for the effective treatment of dry eyes has been a revolution. Many people who have been suffering from Dry Eyes Syndrome for a considerable period because of the lack of effectiveness in their current moisturizing eye drops, can be hugely benefited after the introduction of nasal sprays for treating Dry Eyes.

Dry Eye is a condition faced by millions in this contemporary era. The root causes behind Dry Eyes vary from allergies, pollution to old age, genetics, etc. If you are suffering from Dry Eyes, then it is very important to convey this to your family physician. Then, he may refer you to an eye specialist for further treatment plans and checkups. Always follow the instructions of your doctors to achieve the optimum results.

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