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Is It Possible To Reverse Enamel Decay (1)

Is It Possible To Reverse Enamel Decay? How Is It Possible?

Enamel decay begins with cavities that are holes that grow in the teeth and may keep getting bigger if not looked after. Cavities happen when a tooth or more teeth decay because of the lack of cleanliness. Bacteria, untimely snacking, taking in sweets, not brushing, lack of gargling, etc. cause tooth decay over a period of time. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing the mouth regularly can be greatly beneficial for teeth hygiene.

How Your Enamel Protects Your Teeth From Damage?

The tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body, yet it can be damaged with just as little as a sip of a drink. The enamel protects the teeth from damage from food, drinks, and bodily fluids. Thus, the enamel goes through ample wear and tear on a regular basis. This makes taking care of oral health all the more important.

Tooth Decay Process: Can You Reverse Enamel Decay?

How does enamel decay happen and increase rapidly?

Your habit of teeth grinding, regular use of certain medication, eating disorders, etc. all contribute towards enamel damage. Streptococcus is a bacterium whose presence causes the enamel to decay. Even though it is present in the mouth for a long time, it requires this bacterium to combine with the sugars and starches in your food to work against your oral health. Even though there are other bacteria in the mouth that guard its health, there may be excessive starch or sugar that can be hard to hand.

Preventing tooth enamel decay before it is too late

Yes, tooth enamel decay is reversible however, it has to be done by a dentist before it is too late. You see many signs of enamel decay from many stages like seeing white patches on teeth, the affected area turning light brown in color, then turning dark brown, and finally wearing the enamel off. These happen at various stages of enamel decay where you also develop increased sensitivity and later, cracks and chips in your teeth. Even though tooth enamel cannot repair itself, damage can be controlled to a large extent before it goes out of hand.

Brushing your teeth regularly to reverse enamel decay at the earliest

Even though tooth enamel cannot regrow it can remineralize with the help of fluoride coating. Your dentist will help coat it with low concentrations of fluoride to reverse enamel decay. This will help it grow new enamel crystals. Apart from that, brushing regularly with a gentle and effective toothpaste can tremendously help reverse the impact of enamel decay. If you make sure that the toothpaste has a good quantity of fluoride in it, that will also help.

Flossing and using a good mouth wash to reverse tooth decay

Gently flossing your teeth without hurting your gums will help prevent any further damage to your teeth and gums. Doing so twice a day to remove any food stuck in the teeth is one of the best things that you can do for preventing damage. Using a good mouth wash to gently clear the mouth from any unwanted residue or bacteria can be a great step as well. The idea is to keep the mouth clean after having food or drinks to make it lighter on your enamels.

Remineralize your tooth enamel to bring it back to good health

Consuming fewer acidic foods that erode and affect the teeth’ enamel can be a great start to reversing enamel decay. Even if you happen to have carbonated drinks or anything else, if you gargle off the residue, it can protect the enamel. Chewing sugar-free gum is also doctor recommended in reversing various damages caused by known and unknown culprits. Removing any oral jewelry and regularly cleaning retainers or braces will also encourage enamel health.

Restoring tooth enamel naturally with home remedies

Drinking water is not good, not for your body but also for your oral hygiene and health. Cleaning your gums and teeth with your fingers after brushing your teeth or using a mouth wash can help restore it externally. Using a soft and sturdy toothbrush that glides and stays as you need can be a great tool for your enamels. Aloe vera tooth gel, vitamin D supplements, taking licorice root products for their antibacterial properties have all been known to be great preventive and helpful tools in reversing enamel decay.


There are various treatments available for treating, reversing, and protecting enamel decay. However, what works for you may mostly depend on your regular care and food consumption pattern. Nothing works magically with one cure and a holistic treatment involving your dentist’s medication and your input can reverse enamel decay to a great extent. Hence, it is best to not do what hurts your health and be mindful of what is good for your overall oral hygiene.

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