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Can You Improve Vision With Eye Exercises?

Can You Improve Vision With Eye Exercises?

Your vision forms the forefront of all the important senses in your body, guiding you and maintaining a sense of balance in life. They allow you to take in all the glory this world has to offer, so it is quite evident that man has spent eons of time and effort trying to perfect the medicine and technology surrounding the improvement of any vision-related trouble.

A Brief History Of Eye Exercises!

Genetic problems, excess exposure to digital media, and extreme stress on the eyes can often lead to a deterioration in the quality of your vision, which is usually supplemented by glasses or contact lenses.

However, you might have also heard of various eye exercises which are recommended to be performed in order to improve your vision. However, the question of the validity and proven outcomes of these exercises arises, and through the course of this article, we will attempt to explore the same.

Can You Improve Vision With Eye Exercises

Eye exercises were developed and gained popularity sometime during the mid-1920s, when William Horatio Bates, an ophthalmologist, invented the Bates Method, which included a range of eye exercises. While some of these exercises proved to be slightly harmful to your eyes, the rest had little to no scientific evidence to back up their alleged value. Soon enough, quite a few exercises were developed more or less on the basis of the Bates Method, which means that all their claims of healing your eyesight and removing the need for spectacles can now be rendered moot.

Evidence of modern eye exercises and betterment of vision

Some vision disorders, such as presbyopia are result from a lessening in the flexibility of your eye muscles. Such disorders which are characterized by weakening muscles can be alleviated to some extent with the help of eye exercises. However, in various peer-reviewed scientific journals, the evidence supporting the link between eye exercises and a subsequent improvement in vision still remains largely insignificant. These studies show that eye exercises occupy that blind spot between scientific medications and home remedies for the improvement of vision, which means that you may perform them to reduce a sense of discomfort in your eyes or to make the eye muscles more flexible, but you should definitely not rely on them to the extent of rejecting any clinically prescribed solutions for your vision. There are various claims of miraculous eye exercises out there, which are backed up by a fair share of conspiracy theories against eye doctors, but you must know that all of that is rooted in conjecture and must be rejected right at the face value.

Are eye exercises of no value?

Absolutely not. Eye exercises are extremely good for your eyes, but just not completely equipped to treat complex ailments that affect the vision. If you work on your computer or day or perform activities that can put a lot of stress on your eyes, then eye exercises can provide a significant sense of relief and comfort. Dry eyes, headaches, blurry vision, and strained eyesight are all characteristics of stressed eyes, which means that you can indulge in a range of eye exercises to alleviate these symptoms. Rotate your eyeballs in various directions, switch up the focus of your eyes, et cetera, since these are the type of exercises that are shown to have a maximum benefit on your eyes. Even if you already wear glasses, eye exercises could still help with reducing the strain on them, so you should consider engaging in them regardless. That being said, after a certain age, it is nearly impossible to escape the signs of weakening eyes without some medical help, so eye exercises might not come in handy at that point.

Eye exercises are not backed up by any scientific evidence, so counting on them to cause a drastic improvement in your vision can be extremely futile. Steer clear of giving into false claims about eye exercises, but rather engage in them purely as a means to strengthen your eye muscles and bring a sense of comfort to your eyes. Consult your doctor if you face any vision-related difficulties since attempting to treat it solely with eye exercises can do more harm than good. Overall, look after your eyes and reduce the amount of pressure on them to go forward with healthier and stronger eyes.

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