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How Do You Treat Dehydrated Skin? Can Dehydrated Skin Fix Itself?

Dehydrated skin is when your skin becomes very dry and lacks water. The skin becomes patchy, dry, itchy, and will lacklustre. Fine lines become more noticeable. Dehydrated skin is different from dry skin.

Dry skin is the type of skin you have and is caused due to less production of natural oils by the skin whereas dehydrated skin is a condition when your skin lacks hydration.

Causes Of Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin is caused by not drinking enough water. Mild dehydration is usually common, but there are other symptoms as well such as dry skin patches, thirst, dry lips, dry mouth, less urination and sweating than normal, tiredness, dizziness, sunken eyes, and dark urine.

Sweating too much, losing fluids through diarrhea or vomiting, or having a fever can result in dehydration, especially of the skin.

Dehydrated Skin Symptoms

How Do You Treat Dehydrated Skin?

Thankfully, treating dehydrated skin is very easy. There are some lifestyle changes that need to be done to change this condition. The first step to follow is to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated should become the focus.

You can start with drinking 8 glasses of water a day if you aren’t drinking enough water already.

Drinking the optimum amount of water depends on your body weight and activity levels. Do not overdo it and drink too much water as this will only lead to a loss in minerals. Eating water-rich vegetables and fruits can increase the water levels in your body. Consume more cucumbers, celery, spinach, watermelons, etc.

You can make other changes in your lifestyle. Consume a moderate amount of alcohol or quit entirely as alcohol is notorious for dehydrating the body. Caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee should be avoided or consumed in moderation as caffeine plays a role in dehydration.

Stop smoking. Smoking only serves to exacerbate the problems of dehydration. Drink water while you work out. When you work out you sweat and you lose hydration this way. Experts suggest drinking water every 20 minutes while you work out. Not only this helps in a better workout, but it also keeps your hydration levels at an optimum level.

Dehydrated Skin

Replenish fluids after you exercise. Don’t delay in drinking fluids after you exercise. Within 30 minutes see to it that you replenish yourself with water and other fluids that will keep your hydration high. Avoid energy drinks as the high sugar content does more harm than good to your body.

If you are recovering from any illness then make sure to replenish yourself by drinking lots of water, electrolyte beverages, and broth-based soups. Dehydration is also caused due to the loss of fluids from being sick.

In case severe dehydration persists it may be treatable by intravenous fluids at the doctor’s clinic or hospital.

Skin dehydration and dehydration, in general, can be prevented by following simple steps like drinking plenty of water every day, throughout the day, drinking plenty of water during exercise, avoiding sugary sodas and caffeinated drinks, drinking a lot of water in the day compared to night, drinking more water in hot weather but drinking an adequate amount of water in cold weather as well. Drinking lots of fluids when sick also helps in faster recovery and the prevention of dehydration.

Dehydration can be cured at home itself but severe dehydration if neglected or not treated properly can lead to a drop in blood pressure and can affect the organs like the brain, heart, kidney, immune system, etc. If you have dehydration accompanied by fainting, confusion, lack of urination, quick breathing, or quick heartbeat then seeking medical attention right away is very crucial.

So, in conclusion, we can say that mild dehydration is a common occurrence and can be easily resolved with a few lifestyle changes. Skin dehydration results in dry, itchy, and patchy skin. Skin dehydration is different from dry skin even though these terms are used interchangeably. Dry skin occurs when the skin doesn’t produce enough natural oils to moisturize the skin. Skin dehydration on the other hand is the lack of hydration in the skin.

Drinking plenty of water every day, especially while exercising is very crucial. Dehydration shouldn’t be ignored if it is accompanied by symptoms like fainting, confusion, lack of urination, quick breathing, or a quick heartbeat.

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