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How To Get More Deep Sleep? Proven Tips And Benefits!

Sleep is an essential activity that refreshes your body and mind, attentiveness, and is important for proper cognitive functioning. It is a dominant function that is part of a healthy mental and physical being.

A healthy sleeping pattern helps in being productive and concentrated in one’s life. Without a proper sleeping pattern, the brain cannot function properly. This will weaken a person’s abilities to think, concentrate, and have energy. An average adult requires about 7-9 continuous hours of sleep every day. Children and teenagers need more sleeping hours.

How Do You Fix Insomnia?

An individual’s work schedule, stress, and some medical conditions can prevent him/her from having enough sleep. This may affect us either mentally or physically or both.

People tend to normalize sleep deprivation even though their body and mind need a good sleep because they may not be explicitly aware of the struggle of mind and body due to lack of sleep. The lack of sleep has a higher risk of developing certain conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and poor mental health.

Sleep Like A Baby

In a world, where everything is moving so fast, it is tough to make time for good peaceful hours of sleep. People don’t usually consider the importance of sleep in their daily schedules unless it severely affects their health.

The normalization of sleep insufficiency has made it tougher for a person to enjoy their sleep.  A person needs to enjoy their deep sleep just like they enjoy every other thing in their life.

The sleeping pattern of a person should not be restricted to sleeping only for the sake of completion of 7 or 8 hours as said by experts but the sleep has to be of good quality too where a person is completely into their sleep.

Now it has become that we consciously practice certain things and create a certain environment to have a deep sleep. There are many ways that can improve the quality of a person’s sleep and each way works differently for different individuals. So it is important to identify which way works the best for us and continue it.

The tips given below can help a person in getting a good deep sleep

  • Workout daily: Engaging ourselves in exercises and working out can regulate a good amount of sleep during the night. Working out increases the effects of natural sleep hormones.

-The workout could be brisk walking or high-intensity exercises. What is important is to work out every day so that way we will be less up often at night.

  • Design a bedtime routine: Engagements and stress from environments make it difficult for a person to shut off their mind completely and melt in asleep. So it is important to design a bedtime routine that will help our mind in luring us to sleep. The supreme point is to be consistent with the bedtime routine.
  • A healthy diet: avoid rich and heavy meals before sleep and try to include more fibers in your diet. Research has shown that a good intake of fiber can improve the time and stage of our deep sleep. Food that is high in protein and minerals also improve one’s sleeping routine
  • Turn off electric devices: Nowadays we spend most of our time on electronic devices such as mobiles or laptops. An excessive screen time delays the release of melatonin which pushes bedtime and leads to disrupted sleep. Stay away from every electronic device before 60-30 minutes of your bedtime and engage in your bedtime routine
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol: Caffeine stimulates your body system which increases alertness and fatigue. Caffeine consumed at a time can last about 5-6 hours in the body.

-So the consumption of caffeine, especially in the afternoon, may disrupt sleep. Alcohol is known to cause sleep apnea and distorted sleep and it alters the production of melatonin, so having drinks at night should be a big no.

Most of us are not even aware that sleep has such a big influence on our health and is often considered as lethargic. The idea of having a good deep sleep for hours is often mistaken with laziness.

On one hand, sleep is an important process that is necessary for one’s body, and on the other, laziness is an attitude of an individual. It is important to distinguish sleep from such attitudes.

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