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How To Remove Black Nail Fungus? Causes And Treatment

Keeping your toe nail clean is one of the easiest job yet many people discard this as the toes are usually behind shoes and not in the public eye.

This can lead to many issues in your toe nail if not treated at the right time.

What Is Black Nail Fungus?

A black nail can be caused due to a severe fungal infection or due to some chronic disease like diabetes, kidney issues or heart disease as well.

In some cases black nail fungus can be caused due to a trauma basically an accident to your toe nail, this results in blood clogging which later leads to an infection as well.

How To Remove Black Nail

One should consult a doctor if the color of the nail is black even after a day or two. If the patient is diabetic this could cause life threatening issues as well.

How To Remove Black Nail Fungus

  • Take care of the nail – Keeping your nail clean helps in fighting the black nail fungus to a long extent. One should keep their nails trimmed as this will help the antifungal solutions to reach deep into the affected region and help clean it.

-Keeping the nails short will also help to release the pressure that is being formed due to the fungal infection.

  • Vinegar Solution – Vinegar Solution has good acetic properties which is quite useful in fighting off the fungal infection in your toe. This also slows down the rate of fungal spread.

-Feet dipped in vinegar solution makes the stinking smell goes away and also is quite relaxing as the feet muscles are relaxed thereby providing comfort to the person.

  • Using clean apparels – Keeping your shoes and socks clean is one of the most important thing to fight off the fungal growth. Many of the bacteria and fungus grow on the fabric of the shoe and socks and regularly cleaning them will keep them away from your feet.

-Shoes can also be machine dried along with bleaching powder which will destroy any trace of fungus. Shoes are best if they are sun dried as this will prevent the stinky smell as well as kill any fungus and bacteria which are present on the material.

  • Wear appropriate apparels – One must make sure that the shoes they are wearing has holes in it for air circulation. If not then the feet would stink and also in increase moisture within the shoe leading to rapid fungal growth.

-Since humans sweat when they walk they should wear socks so that the sweat does not come in contact with shoe and help the fungus.

  • Medication – There are certain medicine which can be used to stop the black nail fungus. 4 of the FDA approved medicines are Tavaborole, Ciclopirox, Amorolfine and Efinaconazole.

-Doctors would prescribe the right dosage that needs to be taken. Some of the medicines are to be taken on a daily basis while some is to be taken once in a week.

  • Use of Hydrogen Peroxide – This is a strong agent to kill the growth of fungi on the toe nail. A person should use 1/8th portion of hydrogen peroxide along with 4 to 5 cups of water and apply it over the black toe nail with soft cotton swabs.

-One must make sure that they don’t use blunt force while applying or else there would be a bleeding issue. This needs to be applied for 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Zinc – Zinc has powerful anti-oxidizing properties which is highly useful in eliminating the fungus on the toe nails. Zinc can be sprayed directly over the toe nail however one must first consult a doctor before applying zinc as many people could have a reactive effect from it as well when it touches the skin.

If the above methods fail, one must quickly consult a doctor and should take great caution. If not treated at the proper time one must even have to amputate the toe to stop the spread of the fungal infection to rest of the feet.

The toe should be protected from all external injury as well as many people might hit their toe to household furniture and this blunt force could make the infection worse.

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