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Improve The Cognitive Function Of The Brain

How To Improve The Cognitive Function Of The Brain? Tips To Follow!

The brain is the most important and very complex organ of the human body. It regulates various bodily functions simultaneously, interprets incoming information from sensory nerves, and processes our emotions. It is also the location for creativity, memory, and intelligence.

Tips To Improve Cognitive Function Of Brain

Mental stimulation

One of the most important things to enhance cognitive function is to ensure that the brain gets enough mental exercise. Just like the body needs physical exercise to stay healthy, similarly, the mind also needs mental exercise to stay healthy. We often tend to ignore that. It was seen that while doing mental exercises the brain builds up new connections and also acts as a reserve that helps against cell loss with age. 

There are many sorts of mental activities we can do like solving puzzles, reading books, solving numerical problems. Doing exercises like solving Sudoku, doing crosswords, or even doing things that require putting pressure on the brain will help. No matter how much mental exertion you do during the day, mental exercises are important. This not only helps you in enhancing cognitive thinking but also improves mental speed. Doing such activities will also help in de-stressing you. Puzzles or quizzes are a great meditation tool for the brain. After solving, you also tend to feel happy.

Learning new skills

It is really fun learning a new skill and interesting, too. Further, it also helps strengthen the various connections in our brain. Older adults can improve their memory functions by learning a new skill.

As we grow older all of us realize at one point or another that there is something that we have always wanted to learn and not learned yet. For instance how to repair your cell phone, use a particular software program, or ride a car or a horse maybe? Then now you have one more good reason to learn that new skill and that reason is increasing our brainpower

Diet for mental health

Foods rich in nutrients such as antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and B vitamins have all been proven to improve brain health. A list of such healthy foods include:

Listen to or play music

One of the easiest ways for increasing one’s creative brainpower is to listen to music or play a musical instrument. Listening to some of the soft songs or music which makes a person feel good can help in increasing one’s brainpower and also enhance their creative thinking. This was proven in research conducted in 2017 which proves that listening to music or playing musical instruments helps a person. 

Moreover, if you learn to play music, it has twofold benefits. When one learns a new skill, the brain trains itself to perform a new task thereby improving the cognitive function plus one is never too old to learn how to play an instrument. 

Start reading

Once you start reading it jolts your mind into action. This is very essential for the cognitive function of the brain. Further, when you read the brain has to do various functions like concentration on the text, analyzing it, understanding, and remembering the text. This also increases the concentration power of the brain and increases its capacity to analyze. One should at least read something positive for 15 minutes a day.

Opt for a new routine 

While over the years we may have developed a certain daily routine for ourselves for performing our daily tasks. But it is advisable to change the routine after some time so as to avoid monotony in life which leads to cognitive decline. Once in a while, you can choose to opt for a new means of transport for going to work or take a break and read books. Your brain health benefits from small changes.

Keep your cholesterol level in control

It is seen that a higher level of bad cholesterol is not only related to heart diseases but also the risk of dementia. Doing exercises and taking control of your lifestyle habits can go a long way towards improving your mental and physical health. 

So, you can follow these simple tips which will help you in the long run in improving your mental health.

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