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How to Achieve Better Posture

How to Achieve Better Posture: 6 Tips You Can Use in Your Daily Life

You might have noticed yourself or your co-worker slouching in front of the computer. Or constantly bending your neck down to look at your phone. Did you know that these seemingly inconsequential habits are wearing down your muscles and bones? Over time, these may lead to issues like rounded shoulders, back and neck pain, headaches, and joint degeneration. 

6 Useful Tips To Achieve Better Posture

The issue here is bad posture. What is that? Posture is how we hold ourselves while we sit, stand, or lie down. Your spine has a natural curve or neutral position, and the positions that wildly deviate from this can be termed as bad posture.

Useful Tips To Achieve Better Posture

Here are a few tips that will help you achieve a better posture:

Be Aware Of Slouching In Your Chair 

The most common thing people do that causes posture issues, and also the easiest one you can work on. Slouching adds strain to your spine and throws your whole body off balance. While in your office chair, sit all the way back and avoid leaning towards the screen. Your back should be flush against the backrest, which should ideally have a curve to support your spine. If necessary, add a rolled towel to your mid-back for extra support. Check your posture occasionally while you work to make sure you’re not slouching. 

Straighten Up When Standing 

A flat back or leaning on one leg while standing are examples of bad posture. You may not be able to stand for a long time while in these positions, and that is because of the muscle imbalance that has developed due to bad posture. So, stand straight, with your weight evenly distributed to your legs, and let the natural curve of your spine support you. 

Adjust Screen Heights To Your Eye Level 

Bending over your phone or leaning towards your computer can cause severe deterioration of neck joints over time. So at the office, always ensure that the screen is at a comfortable level. Instead of leaning forward, pull your neck back and stretch it slightly upwards so that your ears are aligned over your shoulder for a good posture. When using your phone, always lift it to your eye level instead of bending down and adding extra strain to your neck. 

Take Short Breaks 

Stand up and take short walks around your office space to stretch out your spine and legs. It’ll do a lot of good to take some stress off your shoulders and you’ll feel more fresh and energetic when you get back to your work. 

Save The High Heels For Special Occasions 

They might look amazing on you, but for daily wear, it’s better to use flats or smaller heels with a good structure that will support your feet well. High heels alter the arch of your feet and your spinal curve so that there’s more strain on them. You’re sure to have noticed what a relief it is to take off heels after a long event. So, take the message and use them sparingly.

Regular Exercise To Strengthen Your Core 

It goes without saying that exercise is good to improve your posture and overall health. Stretch twice daily, with the child’s pose and standing forward fold to stretch and lengthen your spine. This also helps loosen up your muscles for better movement. Exercises like plank and downward dog help strengthen your core and make you aware of how you hold your spine. Building a stronger core will force you to sit and stand up straighter, instantly making it easier to maintain better posture. 


Improving your posture helps avoid back pain, increases your energy levels, and helps reduce wear and tear of bones. It not only improves your health but also improves your appearance and thus, your confidence. So, try out these tips in your daily life and enjoy all the benefits of a good posture.

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