Anger Room

Grab a Baseball Bat and Start Smashing Things in the Anger Room!

How do you let of steam when the boss comes in and tells you that you suck at your job? When your sweetie tells you they are sick of the way you laugh? When the guy in front of you at Starbucks who has been standing there for ten minutes waits until he gets up to the counter to figure out what he wants to order? Or when that woman in the Mercedes wouldn’t let you off the entrance ramp into packed traffic even though she isn’t going anywhere?

Enter…the Anger Room!

I discovered this place while visiting my dad in Dallas. They set up a room for you in whatever theme you choose… office, living room, bedroom… then fill it with breakable things, hand you a weapon and let you go to town smashing and breaking things to let loose your angst. What do you think is the most popular theme?

Hint: It’s that time of the year…

Donna Alexander told us she gets tons of requests for rooms filled with Christmas trees and ornaments for people to unload on… families are such a great stress inducer! As for the cost? Quite reasonable…

  • I Need A Break – 5 minute session – $25
  • Lash Out – 15 minute session – $45
  • Total Demolition – 25 minute session – $75

So do they take special requests? Donna told us all about it…

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