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Connection Between Physical Activities And Immunity Do Exercising Help

Connection Between Physical Activities And Immunity: Do Exercising Help?

“No matter what happens in your life, keep moving”, said some wise man in the past. And every inch of these sentences is relevant in this contemporary era. It’s all about keeping yourself moving. ‘Moving’ here, not only means mental but also physical. It’s all about keeping your body mobile and moving regularly. An inactive body is likely to be the hub of all sorts of diseases.

The Benefits Of Regular Physical Activity

Lack of proper exercise results in falling victim to all sorts of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. The absence of proper exercises also results in developing conditions like heart attacks, cardiac arrests, strokes, and even some kinds of cancers that can be potentially life-threatening. Thirty minutes to one hour of light to moderate exercises are always found to be beneficial for your health. The health benefits of having a proper exercise regime are the following. 

Connection Between Physical Activities And Immunity

Flushes out toxins and harmful bacteria.

The sweat that is induced from vigorous physical activity is known to flush out toxins accumulated inside your body. A proper exercise regime also may help you to clear up harmful bacteria and viruses from your airways and lungs. Thus keeping a considerable amount of diseases at bay. 

Boosts White Blood Cells 

White Blood Cells (WBC) are your body’s shield against all kinds of outside pathogens. White Blood Cells, along with antibodies, fight all sorts of infectious diseases. Exercises accelerate the circulation of White Blood Cells (WBC) and antibodies. 

An increase in body temperature slows down the growth of bacteria.

Your body temperature rises to a higher point during and after the exercise. This sudden rise in temperature will stop the growth of bacteria and or even stop the growth of harmful bacteria or infectious viruses. A rise in body temperature is the body’s way of fighting infectious diseases. For example, fever.

The same body mechanism is applied when your body temperature rises after exercise. Your body will be able to fight off infectious pathogens better. 

Production of stress hormones is reduced.

The production of stress hormones is reduced to a much smaller amount. Stress hormones in much higher amounts are considered to induce many illnesses. Exercise stops or at least slows down the production of stress hormones. Thus, exercise is considered to be very stress-relieving. 

Exercise aids relief from obesity

Excessive eating and other conditions including some diseases and medications are known to increase fat accumulation in the body thereby resulting in obesity. Exercise helps you to burn all those excessive fat accumulations thus keeping you fit and fine. 

Exercise prevents the chances of developing lifestyle diseases.

This contemporary world has become a hub of all sorts of lifestyle diseases. Exercise reduces the chances of developing lifestyle diseases like blood sugar (diabetes) blood pressure, cholesterol, etc, thus improving your immunity and overall health.

Exercise also keeps life-threatening heart conditions and strokes at the bay. According to some studies and research, exercise can even prevent certain types of cancer up to an extent. An absence of lifestyle diseases itself can promote your overall health and boost your immune system. 

Exercise enhances your overall mental health.

The rise in mental issues in the world population has been alarming. A lot of factors contribute to developing mental health disorders. Right from neurosis conditions like anxiety, depression, etc to psychosis mental conditions like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc, the mental health of people of this contemporary era is a matter of concern.

Exercise is supposed to boost the overall well-being of your mental health. When you say immunity, the immunity towards psychological vulnerability also matters. 


Exercising regularly is as important as having your food considering the mental and physical turmoils the current generation is going through.

Exercising regularly will aid relief from all sorts of lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, blood sugar (diabetes), cholesterol, etc to potentially life-threatening conditions like heart attacks, cardiac arrests, strokes, various types of cancers, etc.

The absence of such diseases alone will increase your overall physical and mental health and most importantly, will boost and enhance your body’s immune system.

Doing proper exercise regularly along with a proper diet plan is known to be very efficient and healthy and keeps almost all lifestyle diseases and infectious diseases at bay. 

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