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Can You Reverse Heart Disease? Is It Ever Too Late To Reverse Heart Disease?

When it comes to heart disease, it often becomes a matter of life and death, since the slightest of shortcoming could result in a fatal consequence. Suffering from heart disease is often a signal for numerous hospital visits and heft medical bills.

This means that people with heart conditions are constantly looking for ways to either treat or reverse heart disease.

Can You Reverse Heart Disease?

Since heart disease is characterized by complex symptoms resulting from diseased blood vessels or blood clots, it seems like an impossible task to reverse this condition.

So, the question arises, can you actually reverse heart disease? Well, read on to find out.

Can You Reverse Heart Disease?

The Answer

Truth be told, you can actually reverse heart disease! Yes, you read that right! While reversing heart disease does not mean that you can simply efface all of the damage that your heart has had to bear, it does mean that you can undo quite a bit of the negative changes and lower the risk of suffering from a sudden heart failure or heart attack.

In his book Spectrum, Dean Ornish, the doctor who devised a program for the reversal of heart disease, explains that people who were on their way to receive heart transplants found themselves reversing their condition and living a less disease-ridden life.

He also mentioned that in the studies conducted within his institute, the results proved that the heart’s ability to pump blood can be normalized within just a month of eating right and following a healthy lifestyle.

How Do You Reverse It?

In a nutshell, it takes a lot of grit and determination if you truly wish to reverse the damages that have been born by your heart. Some serious lifestyle changes need to be made in order to even begin to reverse the damages.

This includes changing your diet, adopting an exercise regime, and practicing mindfulness in order to reduce the amount of stress being applied to your mind and body.

Your diet will have to go through some serious alterations, especially if you follow a typical American diet. Replace those hamburgers and pizzas with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Steer clear of processed foods that are rich in saturated fats and added sugar. Consume naturally-sourced foods which have gone through the least levels of processing.

Experts say that a few moderate changes to your diet won’t do much good if you are looking to reverse heart disease. Rather, you will have to completely renew your diet and replace all that junk food with healthy, nourishing food that is heart-friendly.

Maintaining a healthy weight is another important aspect of reversing heart disease. Follow a sustainable exercise regimen that helps you burn an optimum number of calories per day. Usually, this recommended amount of exercise involves at least walking for 30 minutes every day. This, coupled with a healthy diet can help you reduce your waistline and in turn, increase the chances of reversing heart disease.

Another important thing to remember while attempting to reverse heart disease is that you must avoid smoking at all costs. If you are a regular smoker, then this is your sign to quit. Make use of nicotine patches and self-help groups if you find it hard, because this is an absolutely non-negotiable aspect of reversing heart disease.

Is There Any Room For Deviation?

If you wish to reverse heart disease, then you cannot leave any room for digression from your healthy lifestyle. Imbibing a sense of strictness is absolutely impertinent if you truly wish to live a heart disease-free life.

That being said, if you do slip up on occasion, then do not beat yourself up for it. This could in turn lead to demotivation and cause you to give up on the plan altogether. Get back on track after any slight deviations from the plan and move forward with the mindset that you will adhere to the rules of this reversal.

Reversing heart disease is possible, but this does not mean that you can undo all the damage. The most you can do is reverse some of the harm and slow the progression of the disease. However, even in doing so, you must have a plan in place that aims to fully allow a healthy lifestyle to take over your routine. Focus on being more mindful of your lifestyle choices, so that the reversal of heart disease does not seem too daunting.

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