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Diabetes Without Medication

Can You Manage Diabetes Without Medication? Methods To Follow!

Diabetes affects the majority of the population in today’s time. Although there is no cure till now for type 2 diabetes you can still control its symptoms to some extent with the help of alternative measures. You can make changes to your diet and get involved in workout sessions to fight weight gain as these methods will help you in achieving some balanced sugar levels in the body. This way you will be able to stay healthy without the use of any medications.

Type 2 diabetes is an ongoing disease and even if you are in remission, you will be able to control yourself to some extent. However, no matter how healthy you stay, there are always the chances of symptoms returning back. Also, it depends to a great extent on the immunity and capability of the body to fight the changes taking place.

Methods To Maintain The Diabetes Level

Here are some of the methods that can prove to be beneficial in maintaining your diabetes levels in the body.

Methods To Maintain The Diabetes Level

Settling for a low-calorie diet

Many studies have been conducted regarding the effect of a low-calorie diet on the disease. The patients were made to follow a maximum liquid diet and quite a restricted diet that was low on calories. It helped them to lose weight to a great extent and manage their blood sugar levels. It was observed that these blood glucose levels remained in a normal range for around 6 months to 1 year.

Physical Activity

Your weak muscles need to be worked upon to restore them to a normal state. They may undergo inactivity as a result of injury. Therefore, strengthening exercises are necessary to repair, bulk, and maintain the strength of your muscles. These make sure that your body functions smoothly. These exercises are primarily meant for the movement of your joints. These help to enhance the range of motion. You should make sure that you do not miss even a single session with your trainer.


Fasting is a good way to lose your body fat effectively. It is practiced by a majority of people but is not among the mainstream treatment for type 2 diabetes. Therapeutic fasting for a set amount of timing can help in cutting down on some of the body fat. Often, people follow certain diet programs. It may include fasting for 24 hours at least once a week for several months. This experiment has proved out to be effective in reversing type 2 diabetes.

Bariatric Surgery

This specific surgery is meant to help you lose weight by changing your stomach and digestive system to limit the amount of food intake. It not only helps in burning fat and weight loss but reverses diabetes in other ways. However, scientists are not aware of the exact reasons behind this but the effects observed are great.

One of the factors that might be taken into consideration is that it involves affecting the hormones in your gut so that the body can handle blood sugar levels. Some people have experienced a reversal of diabetes through this surgery and have sustained the long-term effects when compared to treatments like gastric binding.

Also, the prerequisites for this treatment are that your BMI should be above 35 or 35. This surgery works best for people who have been suffering from this disease for 5 years or longer and are not on insulin. In case you are already obese and get diagnosed recently, you need to consult your doctor for undergoing surgery and knowing about its possible side effects. Though there can be some minor risks involved, most of the people were successful at reversing their diabetes.

Consult your doctor!

If you visit an experienced and reputed diabetes specialist near you, you will get to know the treatments that are helpful with managing diabetes. They guide you in your physical activity and provide you with proper diet plans that help in controlling diabetes mellitus type 2. They inform you about weight management techniques and help you perform effective exercises to keep your body fit.


With the right techniques and information at hand, you can fight most of the diseases on your own. Even if you avoid medications, you can have control over your body by following a healthy lifestyle. Keep your motivation and willpower high to fight anything and surely Type 2 diabetes is curable.

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