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Best 5 Keto Diets To Follow For Effective Fat Reduction

Best 5 Keto Diets To Follow For Effective Fat Reduction

The Keto diet is one of the many diet schedules formulated by experts. The Keto diet involves increasing the protein intake to a much higher level and decreasing the number of carbohydrates and glucose intake.

This will result in a stage called Ketosis, where your body burns proteins and fat directly instead of carbohydrates and blood sugar. Ketosis results in the reduction of excessive body fats within no time.

Types Of Keto Diet To Stay Fit And Healthy

The effectiveness of the ketogenic diet has led to earning worldwide popularity and acceptance within no time. Within ketogenic diets, there are quite a few varieties.

Best 5 Keto Diets To Follow For Effective Fat Reduction

One can choose the type of keto diet they want, according to their needs and preferences. Different types of the ketogenic diet are the following. 

Standard Keto Diet

People looking for some quick weight loss should be focusing on the standard type of keto diet. A standard keto diet increases your protein and fat intake to some greater extent and accelerates the process of weight loss.

This effectiveness and timeliness of the standard version of the keto diet will assist you in your excessive body fat reduction program.

In the standard ketogenic dietary program, seventy percent of the calorie is outsourced from fat, twenty-five percent from protein, and the rest five percent from carbohydrates respectively. 

Strict Keto Diet

A strict keto diet programs include cutting down the carbohydrates levels into an extremely low four percent, protein amount to six percent, and the rest ninety percent being the fat content.

This very strict nature of this keto diet type has earned it the name ‘Strict Keto Diet’. Strict Ketogenic Diet programs are supposed to be very effective in treating epilepsy patients. It’s also known to be effective against seizures up to an extent. 

Targeted Keto Diet

For those athletes, bodybuilders, and other sports professionals, having a proper, complete, and nourishing diet schedule is very necessary.

As far as the targeted keto diet is concerned, you can follow the regular standard version of the keto diet with seventy percent of fat, twenty-five percent of protein, and five percent of carbohydrates until your exercise.

And before forty-five minutes of your exercise, you should have an additional twenty-five grams of carbohydrates to cope with your energy-burning process.

Professional athletes like soccer players, bodybuilders, boxers, etc are supposed to benefit much from these targeted keto dietary programs.

However, always keep in mind that before you get into the target keto diet program, you should have gone through the standard keto diet program for at least two months or more. 

High Protein Keto Diet

Who would not want a body like Hercules or some other Greek epic heroes? But achieving those insane muscle masses ain’t that easy. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. Bodybuilders are in constant need of protein to promote their muscle mass growth.

A high protein keto diet focuses on enriching you with thirty percent of proteins, sixty-five percent of fat content, and the rest five percent of carbohydrates.

However please keep in mind that taking this huge amount of proteins and fats daily can be tiring to kidneys and will result in kidney problems. 

Rotational Keto Diet

The rotational keto diet, also known as the cyclical keto diet, is where you follow some intense ketogenic diet schedule for five or six days a week and followed by one or two days of unrestricted carbohydrates intake.

Moderately doing this is beneficial for the body, however, overdoing this dieting process may extend the time your body needs for attaining the Ketosis stage.

The rotational keto diet can induce dizziness, as it alters the water levels inside the body and is also known to harm people with certain types of heart conditions. 


Keto diet regardless of its variants has been known to be very effective in reducing excessive body fats. However, you can follow specific types of keto diets for your specific needs. It is always a wise idea to discuss your aims and goals with your dietitian, family physician, and fitness trainer. A collective fitness and dieting plan should be formulated before you jump into some serious sort of diet habit changes and lifestyle changes.

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